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Jeremy Eveland Utah Attorney

Jeremy Eveland Utah Attorney

Attorney Jeremy Eveland, a business succession lawyer based in Lindon, Utah, has recently elucidated on the fundamentals of Utah business law in his recent article published on his website. Utah business law is comprised of a group of regulations, statutes, and court decisions that govern the practice of business within the state of Utah. It includes the comprehensive range of legal topics on business, such as: business formation, unfair trade practices, business entity formation, antitrust laws, deceptive trade practices, hour laws, project management, vertical price fixing, actual damages, consumer protection, and more. Thus, it is vital for businesses of all sizes in Utah to understand Utah business law and how it is applicable to their particular business in order to protect their interests and to ensure their compliance.

Jeremy Eveland is a business lawyer in Utah who specializes in business law, advertising law, business formation, estate planning and probate cases, and real estate law. His firm provides free consultations to businesses, including comprehensive services, such as project management, antitrust laws, business entity formation, consumer protection, vertical price fixing, unfair trade practices, advertising law, compliance issues, actual damages, performance coaching, business consulting, and more.

He can provide legal help in forming a business in Utah where it is vital to carefully consider the different regulations, laws, and taxes that the business will have to comply with. There are various kinds of business entities and each type of business entity offers various benefits and liabilities and a business lawyer like Jeremy Eveland can provide the proper advice to determine the appropriate form of business for a specific situation.

Meanwhile, when in need of a business succession lawyer Orem Utah residents can also depend on Attorney Eveland. This is an essential process of determining who will take over the business in the future in the event that the current business leader retires or something unexpected happens that incapacitates the present business leader. He can ensure that his client understands all of the available options to allow his client to make the proper decision.

An important set of business laws that businesses need to be aware of are the antitrust laws. For instance, businesses in Utah will need to comply with the Clayton Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, and the Sherman Act. These are laws designed to protect competition and prevent anti-competitive practices like price fixing. All businesses will have to ensure compliance with these laws to avoid costly civil and criminal penalties.

Unfair trade practices, which are acts or practices intended to deceive or mislead consumer, are also not allowed in Utah. This includes deceptive pricing, bait and switch tactics, false or misleading advertising, and any other deceptive practices. Businesses have to avoid these unfair trade practices or else they can suffer civil and criminal penalties, including actual damages.

Attorney Jeremy Eveland offers his services as a business succession lawyer in Orem and Salt Lake City, Utah. He can provide help in the drafting of a business succession plan. With his many years of experience in business law, he is well-versed in the details and various factors to consider in business succession planning and has an in-depth understanding of the legal process. He ensures that his clients are aware and understand their various options to ensure that they can make informed decisions. Attorney Eveland can also serve as a mediator and can help parties come to an agreement whenever there are business disputes. He is a member of the Utah State Bar and has considerable experience with regards to business law in Orem and Salt Lake City. Attorney Eveland has a business degree and a law degree, which makes him capable of offering legal services such as the formation of business entities, like corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and more. He also provides other services such as contract review, dispute resolution, and intellectual property protection.

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